husband to a talented Mechanical Engineer and father to one little turkey and three adorable puppies

David Chang

Also known as the “Pupmaster”! Enjoys organizing, reading self-improvement books, gaming, photography, and paintball.

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Diana Sim

Went out with David in May 2012 and somehow agreed to marry him in July 2016.

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Ezra Chang

“Poppers” is the combination of “Puppers” and “Boppers” joined the family in April of 2020.

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Odie Sim

Adopted in May 2013 from Mercer Animal Rescue, Odie was the first addition to the family!

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Ainsley Sim

Adopted in July 2014 from Mercer Animal Rescue, Ainsley became Odie’s much needed annoying little sister.

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Evee Sim

Adopted in August 2018 from Mercer Animal Rescue, Evee is now the youngest of the three, adding pup-like energy to annoy both her siblings.

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What Motivates Me?

10-year old David probably could not have guessed where I’d be now. I’ve made several pivots in deciding what I want in my career and I don’t imagine the changes will stop – from pre-med in college to software development in the healthcare sector as my first job out of school to engineering management now. Who knows where I’ll end up next? As long as I’m growing, I’ll be happy.


Learning to code has been an incredibly valuable skill that has opened doors for me in ways I wouldn’t have expected. Living in a digital world, it’s become more and more important understanding how things work.


Having a poor memory requires that I stay organized. My reason for loving strong organization schemes – whether it’s people organization, stuff organization, or data organization – is that it allows me to lean hard on the system and trust in its effectiveness.


Being a strong coder is only the start to developing robust applications. Taking these skills and applying them to guide a team of Developers creates a multiplying effect that produces productive results.


“If you want to walk fast, walk alone – if you want to walk far, walk with others “ A leader that can inspire others can get more done. I strive to model myself after leaders that have come before me and continue to build new leadership skills through various means of self improvement – books, training, and mentorship.


Combining adreneline & strategy

Founded Exalted Paintball in 2013. The team has climbed up the ranks from a Division 5 five-man team to a nationally ranked Division 3 X-Ball team.

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Passion for capturing the moment in all settings

Landscapes, portaits, candids, engagements, weddings, babies…I do it all!

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Tabletop Games

I love all types of tabletop games from strategy to deception to co-op. Getting together to play games is harder these days but always great fun and filled with laughter when they do happen.

Destiny 2 | Legend of Zelda | Magic Arena

Video Games

Video games are how I stay connected to friends who have moved away. Life’s challenges melt away when I’m virtually hanging out with my friends, voice-chatting on Discord.

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